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First of all, thanks for good game! Most of bugs are minor, or less (and sorry for my english)

0. Main bug is: only part of the Winterfall region can be selected in "Capture Winterfell" scenario.  Units and order (if need to replace it) - cannot be selected. If so conceived by scenario, it would be nice to describe in scenario conditions

1. AI's ships in "The Shivering Sea" can Raid Winterfell port (in "Bay of Ice"), but it on the other side of the map

2. It's very strange when AI request support when you are so far this region, or support orders are locked by Westeros card, or when you are enemies and they from turn-to-turn  besiege you castle and turn-to-turn request support in region from which they are attacking

3. Not bug, but suggestion: when I create my nickname,  if I don't switch the keyboard layout, it write squares. Better to block ability to write on erroneous encoding if encoding support is disabled, I think

4. Cannot continue one of the saved games... Unfortunaly, I can not to say all conditions of this problem, now I can not reproduce it. It happened only once

5. Just suggestion: it would be greate, if  the opportunity to customise several rules in skrimish games (and in first Lannister scenario). I mean locking of some regions in 3-5 player's games first of all

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