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Thanks for your interest in joining our Beta Test community.

Anyone can be a Beta Tester. We look for all sorts of devices and backgrounds - there's no “Hardcore Gamer” experience required. We just want testers that enjoy playing games.

Beta software is unfinished work, and therefore unstable. If you choose to enroll, you will likely experience game interruptions, crashes, errors, etc. You will also likely lose some games solely as a result of bugs or implementation errors. You may also lose time trying to play on-line games unsuccessfully. Though we will do our best to prevent such tragic events, it can happen.

Please note that there will be no monetary compensation offered for your time and/or your bug reports sent to us.

Confidentiality: we ask you that you do not spread screenshots or comments outside of the game beta testing forums.

Note that we do not answer all bug reports sent to us or messages posted in the beta testing forums, but be assured that we read all of them.


You must have an Asmodee (aka FFG or DoW) account to be eligible
Go to the beta section in your personal space here: https://account.asmodee.net/en/signin

See you in the games!

The Asmodee Digital team

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