Result calculations for Germany faulty

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When the results for the "Germany" map are calculated the following errors occur:

a) Tickets not chosen by a player are used for results calculation.
b) The results calculate are different on every device.

Local Mode. Two players. iOS devices:

An "iPad mini 1" running iOS 9.3.2 (with ttr 2.5.11) and
an "iPad 4" running iOS 10.3.3 (with old version 2.5.8).

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You should not play with two devices running a different version of the game. There might be some changes in the newest app that is not in the former one, and that will lead to differences. I'll report that the apps should detect such a case and warn the players, though. In the meantime, could you try again once the iPad 4 is update to date with the mini ?

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