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  1. On 12/21/2018 at 12:50 AM, Singing Dwarf said:

    I wish Asmodee would post some comments or updates on the forum to let people know what is happening - rather than simply closing the forum when the beta ends. What is that about anyway!? Poor way to treat your customers (and beta testers in particular) if you ask me Asmodee


  2. @BenjaminB You say that Asmodee read all bug reports, but that you won't reply to them.

    I can partially understand this - but it would be nice to at least receive an acknowledgement that the team has read a particular bug, or seen an update to a bug that is posted later. At the moment, we assume that each and every post is read, but we could be wasting our time.

    Just a simple post on each thread, maybe one word 'Acknowledged' or similar would give us a degree of satisfaction and confidence that you are taking us seriously.

  3. 1 hour ago, Ka1adin said:

    I have tested for groups before that create a free version of the game, allow people to beta test it, then release a paid version of the game and remove the free beta. Then, they would give codes to the paid version for those that actually tested or to the top contributors during beta.

    Yup, that sounds like a good model.

    I wouldn't expect to receive the game for free permanently necessarily. But free access during the beta would be good - especially when it is necessary to pay both on Android and Steam.