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  1. I wrote a post about this a few days earlier. I have been systematically winning the scenarios by "regular winning conditions" i.e. having the most castles at the end of the rounds available. I have been trying that with most of the challenges and it worked for all of the ones I tried. I have the suspicion that getting to 7 castles, even in those scenarios that do not have that as an explicit winning condition, will also trigger a win. I also find weird the fact that there is no visual mark to those scenarios that you have completed, nor a tick nor anything else, so if it weren´t for the achievement that told me that I had finished them all, I would not know if I had accomplished the last scenarios of each of the houses (as they do not unlock any other levels, which is currently the only way to know you did that right!).
  2. I was aware of the ship limit. I had not reached the ship limit and yet, when I took over Winterfell, I was not offered to take the ship in the port, and it simply dissapeared. I got the victory in the challenge by having the most castles at the end of the rounds, because that seems to be allowed.
  3. It is good to know about the ports. I was not sure that was needed, I was just going for the overkill The issue with unlocking achievements is that you can only test them once if you happen to unlock them I also suspect that probably some of the other ships might not be needed, but again, I cannot test that any longer O.O
  4. And I believe you must be right. I had the same thought and tried to go for that, plus Riverrun as the final move, just in case. And that triggered it. I had a ship in both Winterfell and White Harbor's ports. Two of my other ships on the left side, two on the right, covering the four northernmost sea territories. Plus I put one unit in each of the Stark territories, plus everything north of Riverrun, plus the Eyrie and everything north from that river. That did trigger the achievement! Thank you very much for your response, though! It is just a pity I saw it when I was coming to report my success See attached a minimap of everything I controlled as Stark, just before conquering Riverrun 😃
  5. Thank you for your input TheTJ! Anybody else out there who has managed to get it and how? Or things that you have tried to do and do not work?
  6. And not always. I have conquered Winterfell and it would remove the ship from the port and not let me take it!
  7. Hi there! I have tried everything I could think of to get this to trigger and I have been unsuccessful... I have conquered what I thought was every area in the North (including the ports in Winterfell and White Harbor) and it will not grant it to me. That is if we consider the North everything north from the Neck. I also had ships in both sides of the sea.... Any clue? Has somemone been able to get it or is it glitchy for you, too?
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