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  1. Hi !

    Jonah, it seems you have an old version of the game on Steam. Please double check to download an earlier version (end July). 

    Let me know if you have issues to update it.

    Concerning Tutorial, we tried something different. We do not really like tutorial where player has just to clic on dialog boxes that appears. We are trying to make the first game "self explainable", meaning the game is set up to show you progressivly different cases. That means, when bots are all playing pairs, we expect the player to try playing a pair (without forcing him to play a pair or another). This is the same for most of steps.

    What's your feeling on all this ? Do you prefer driven tutorials ?

  2. Hi guys !


    Thanks for your feedbacks.

    For now, either if "Rabbit" is clearly more a begginer ("easy"), Tiger and Ox are 2 different behaviour. Difficult to say who's the best, but :

    Tiger is an IA using probabilities, when Ox is more using "brute force". I would say Ox is slightly easier than Tiger then.

    But, if you want challenge, best way is to mix Tiger and Ox !

    Concerning other characters, this is an old version on Steam, we do not have plan to get more IA.

    By the way Jonah42, could you please confirm you are on the Beta branch in Steam ?

  3. Hi Ka1adin !


    Well, Dragon is NOT the best card you can play. For any combinaison, you can always play a "Gang of Four" to beat it. Then, you can beat a "Gang of Four" by a better "Gang of Four", with higher values.

    And in this case you can be beaten by a "Gang of five", "Six", or even "seven"

    For example :

    Dragon < 3 3 3 3 (Gang of Four) < 6 6 6 6 (Higher Gang of Four) < 9 9 9 9 (Higher Gang of Four) < 5 5 5 5 5 (Gang of Five) < 2 2 2 2 2 2 (Gang of Six) < 1 1 1 1 1 1 1+ (Gang of seven, with 6 "1" and the 1+)


    Hope it helps ;)

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  4. Hi there !

    Additionnal informations :

    - We have updated the branch of the game since this morning, so you should have less issues launching the game.

    - Please review the solo, and solo only, all other features are still Wip

    - Do not hesitate to provide us feedback (good and bad !), and tell us if you like the game !

    Have fun !

  5. Hi,


    I've internally checked, and it seems that in this case (DLC), beeing able to provide it "for free" - either in a beta context is technicaly not possible.That means if you want to test it, you need to purchase it.

    Saying this, we recomand to make your test on IOS or Steam.

    We deeply apologize for the situation, this is something we'll probably encounter later on other projects, and we'll try to find out a way to handle this in the future -

    Thanks again for your time and support.

  6. Dear Beta Testers


    The Beta period is now over. We hope you enjoyed playing Pandemic on Steam PC, and i would like to take the opportunity to thank you for all your comments and feedbacks during that period.

    We are moving fast on that game, and we plan to continue working and improving the game. 


    As said on Steam, the release is still schedule for this summer, and expansions will come soon. Keep an eye on our Beta program, On the Brink expansion may be the next one !


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  7. Dear Pandemic Béta Testers,

    Thanks for all your feedback during that week. We've worked hard to improve the game, based on your comment. We are happy to annonce that we have send a new update that include the following changes:

    - Tutorial : Tutorial was stuck after curing the blue disease. This has been fixed.

    - Event card : depends on how it was used, the description was sometimes missing. This has been fixed.

    - Playing One Quiet Night does not occurs random crashes

    - Resilient Population : Visual on propagation cards has now the proper display.

    - Resilient population is not playable anymore between an epidemic and the first propagation phase (no cards available)

    - Forcast : Description on the bottom screen is now setup

    - Color for researcher paws is now properly set

    - And multiples minor and technical fixes !

    We are going to continue working to improve the game base on your comment, so do not hesitate to test the game again !

    Thanks again everyone for your help on this Beta !

  8. Dear Beta testers


    Following the previous patch, we got a small issue on tutorial that has been solved now :

    - During Tutorial, after curing the blue disease, the game seems to be stuck.

    We also take the opportunity to correct the "loop" issue at the same time !




  9. Dear Pandemic Béta Testers,

    Thanks for all your feedback during that week. We've worked hard to improve the game, based on your comment. We are happy to annonce that we have send a new update that include the following changes:

    - Difficulty selection screen : It was quite not clear before of what is the impact depending on the difficulty level choosed. So now, you properly see how many Epidemic cards you get depending on the difficulty level

    - Undoing Airlift  : While undoing Airlift, the card was remaining into the player's discard. It's now removed properly.

    - Description on event card were remaining one the screen when checked from hand. This is now corrected.

    - Clicking on a portrait should now focus on the proper character pawn.

    - Tutorial : One Quite Night is now displayed at the proper moment, insteed of "too soon"

    - Tutorial : Texts had some spacing issues. That has been normalized, and are better displayed now.

    - It's not possible to play Resilient population once the discard deck is empty. Resilient Population issue that occurs crash when playing between drawing an epidemic card and the propagation phase is now corrected.


    Note that we are working to provide you a new update next week, and the dev team insist to tell that "loop" issue you raised will be fixed at that time !

    Thanks again everyone for your help on this Beta !

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  10. Thanks for your feedback !

    1 - You're right, decision for this blue color does not make sense, and it's more clear on the mobile version

    2 - Not sure of what you mean. Do you mean that when playing forecast, forecast cards are viewable in the log, but this is not the case in Steam ? If yes, does that display the "drawn order", or the "real incoming order (because you may have changed it)" ?

    3 - Thanks, we'll look at this

    4 - Well we've decided to took that choice for computer version, because we think that it's a good thing to show the player that there's a windows here that he can hide/unhide.  I will raise the point anyway to our design team that may work on this for a later version.

    5 - This is.. right ! Fun fact, in the board game version, either if the card and portrait is brown, pawn is like this "grey-blue". We'll update this one.

    6 - Well, in that way you may have a smaller area to see your map.  What's the goal/need here ? I need to discuss it with the design team to better answer to what you need :)

    7 - Thanks, i'll add it to the update we have to do quickly.


    Thanks again for all your comments !

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