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  2. Does anyone else get the impression that the AI, even on hard doesn't take support in account when invading an enemy territory? I don't know how I could prove this. It just seems like when I have an overwhelming amount of support somewhere, the AI still makes foolish attacks against me. I could have +5 through support, making it impossible for the AI to win, but it seems like the AI still attacks and will even play their strongest card when doing so. I realize people could make the argument that the AI is just trying to get me to use up my house cards, but why would they play their strongest card if this was their strategy? I think this becomes the most obvious when having battles around Stoney Stept, Blackwater, or The Reach where lots of battles happen and lots of support orders get placed. Maybe I can get a screenshot at some point of this happening, but I thought it would be easier to reach out first and see if anyone else noticed this as well.
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    Solo completion bug

    That doesn't sound like a bug, or at least not like the bug you think. The rules state that the win condition is checked before the greenery conversion at the end of the game, so if you were at 13% when passing in generation 14, you lost. The bug is rather that you shouldn't be allowed to do greenery conversion if you lost.
  4. Can I switch to beta with open games? Do all players have to be on the same client version - all in beta?
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  6. Playing android version. Only played 5 games so maybe I missed something. When playing with a smarphone sometimes you "miss tap" and" you mess your game". For exemple when you paid a brand new city 25M€ and you put it on the bad hex because you want to zoom and rotate the planet. It can be really frustrating ! I didn't found an "undo" button to "save the day" like the one you can find in twilight struggle the app. May be I missed it ... If not, it could be a good option to add this undo button for critical decision like building city ? Sorry for my "far to be good" english writing and thanks for this really good app conversion of this great boardgame.
  7. Actually, yeah. I don't think Rob Stark had full control of any sea when he was the King of the North. 😛 They could specify it more clearer that it's a "land area" or have a popup. I assume I'm not alone in getting annoyed that you try to "achieve" something and it appears you misinterpreted the goal.
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    Push notifications

    Same here, no notification on a Nexus 3 on android
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    Solo completion bug

    Here are the links to thé screens i took http://www.noelshack.com/2020-27-5-1593777452-screenshot-20200628-215723.jpghttp://www.noelshack.com/2020-27-5-1593777471-screenshot-20200628-215746.jpghttp://www.noelshack.com/2020-27-5-1593777480-screenshot-20200628-215804.jpg
  10. Hello, During a solo mode, i lose the game but i must win. Indeed, at the end of the 14th generation, i had 9 oceans, 8 ºC and only... 13 % of oxygen. But at the last production, i placed my last forest, which means i reached thé oxygen goal of 14%. And the game didn't take it in account... It must corrected, it's very frustrating.
  11. Got Unclear options when having raven (put on top or bottom, graphically hard to understand) Martell "Gamelogmessage.warnofthreat", playing as Lannister Soldier and horse stand on top of each other Would be nice to see the name of the area in which a battle occurs Arianne martell vs Beric Dondarion. None of the Baratheon (vassal) units entered the area after victory. I still got a prompt for “choose which units to destroy”. Tyrion didn’t work against Greyjoy vassal Janos Slynt (i was stark). The chat has no timestamps so it’s unclear when each thing came if I haven’t been checking it continuously If one doesn’t pay attention then alliance suggestions and messages are hard to catch Would be nice if there’s text history of what happened too. I’ve accidentally not moved my soldiers multiple times. Please add a “are you sure you don’t want to move?” If the player makes such "non-move" command.
  12. I wrote a post about this a few days earlier. I have been systematically winning the scenarios by "regular winning conditions" i.e. having the most castles at the end of the rounds available. I have been trying that with most of the challenges and it worked for all of the ones I tried. I have the suspicion that getting to 7 castles, even in those scenarios that do not have that as an explicit winning condition, will also trigger a win. I also find weird the fact that there is no visual mark to those scenarios that you have completed, nor a tick nor anything else, so if it weren´t for the achievement that told me that I had finished them all, I would not know if I had accomplished the last scenarios of each of the houses (as they do not unlock any other levels, which is currently the only way to know you did that right!).
  13. I was aware of the ship limit. I had not reached the ship limit and yet, when I took over Winterfell, I was not offered to take the ship in the port, and it simply dissapeared. I got the victory in the challenge by having the most castles at the end of the rounds, because that seems to be allowed.
  14. It is good to know about the ports. I was not sure that was needed, I was just going for the overkill The issue with unlocking achievements is that you can only test them once if you happen to unlock them I also suspect that probably some of the other ships might not be needed, but again, I cannot test that any longer O.O
  15. Doing this setup can sometimes assign me to play one of the vassals. This causes the game to get stuck as it's setting up the game. Once the game starts, the map gets stuck like this. There is no menu so the game process simply has to be killed. You can still move around the map, but you can't click on anything. Notice how the Baratheon player never got set up. There is no one at Dragonstone. I think the game assigned me to the Martell Vassal and then didn't know what to do after that.
  16. There are problems with supply. Game don't let you to relocate your troops if u had for example 3 2 2 supply option. Game don't let you to move from your 3 troops to 2 troops, even if it still will be 3 2 2 just in other territory.
  17. Hello. According to board game rules support order are optional, before the battle starts player can decide rather he want to use his own support in this battle, and request support from other players around the area. In digital version you don't have a choise, sup is always in use. Also support from other players cannot be in use when someone attack neutral castles. In fights with neutral castles u can use only your own support.
  18. Yesterday
  19. I was able to "win" the scenario and complete the campaign despite not succesfully defending two wildling attacks. The target box wasn't crossed off, and it still said success. We did get one, so maybe it triggered from one win.
  20. Thanks for your feedback. Could you please specify the platorms (iOS and / or Android) and if possible the device (s) on which the notifications failed?
  21. Ok and thanks for trying with the current production version
  22. Had the same bug with Search for Life. The AI is still stupid in many ways but this is a real bug that has to be fixed.
  23. I replied to a similar post. It's not bugged, the objective is worded wrong. So beware of the ship limit or you indeed can't take it.
  24. Thanks for confirming that. Are you sure you need a ship in both ports? EDIT: I tested it and the achievement triggered without a ship in Winterfell. So it's just the actual areas.
  25. The manual for the game states he can discard a card from the refreshed hand when used against the final card in the opponent's hand. Yet, for now, you don't get to discard anything at all.
  26. And I believe you must be right. I had the same thought and tried to go for that, plus Riverrun as the final move, just in case. And that triggered it. I had a ship in both Winterfell and White Harbor's ports. Two of my other ships on the left side, two on the right, covering the four northernmost sea territories. Plus I put one unit in each of the Stark territories, plus everything north of Riverrun, plus the Eyrie and everything north from that river. That did trigger the achievement! Thank you very much for your response, though! It is just a pity I saw it when I was coming to report my success See attached a minimap of everything I controlled as Stark, just before conquering Riverrun 😃
  27. Same thing here. I took over Storm's End under Martell control. There was in fact an enemy ship, but because of the maximum capacity, it got destroyed. Not a bug, but the text is wrong. You need to take over 3 enemy SHIPS, not ports. It's obvious by the introduction to the quest, where Davos says he needs the ships. The player needs to know, as it's sometimes hard to try and lose ships once you find out it's wrong. 😛
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