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  2. It's kind of unclear who I should be asking about this. Steam says Asmodee, but there's a possibility that it's DOW, or...? Anyway, I've owned Ticket to Ride for ages. I recently bought the UK and France maps through the method of buying the "Complete" bundle, since I already owned everything else in the bundle except that. However, they don't show up in the game. If I right-click on it in my Steam library and go to Properties and then DLC, they don't show up there either. (Actually, United Kingdom does, but not France? Can someone verify that France gets its own entry on theirs?) I tried to go to Settings and re-login to my account to see if it needed to touch base with that to enable them, and I can't. If I either try to login in settings or refresh my achievements in the app, it asks if I already have a Days of Wonder account. If I click yes, it asks me to enter my login or e-mail address. Whichever I provide, clicking "OK" makes a gear appear for a fraction of a second then go away, but nothing else occurs. It's pretty frustrating all around. Any ideas?
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